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Can we map existing user group from SAML Provider to ezeelogin as ezeelogin user group ?

We have multiple groups in the SAML provider (Azure SSO/Okta SSO/Onelogin SSO/ AWS SSO etc..)for different users who have different authorization groups, so if we map these user groups via SAML will these users get access to the authorized servers?


   Yes, all you need to do is create a user group within Ezeelogin GUI by the same name as in SAML/ SSO provider and the users will be automatically assigned to the same user group within Ezeelogin. 

  1. Create user groups with the same name as in SAML provider in Ezeelogin GUI > Users > Usergroup 

       The SAML users would be automatically assigned to the same user group within Ezeelogin.

     2. If the user in the SAML provider belongs to multiple user groups, you should set priority to a user group, so that the user will be assigned to the user group having the highest priority.       

 Edit the user group or you can set priority while adding user group.         

  You should set a greater value for the highest priority       


If a user exists in multiple user groups, then the user will import to the user group having a higher priority                 

For example: If a user called Marc is a member of devopsteam systemteam and we give the highest priority to the systemteam(priority 5) and lowest to devopsteam (priority 3), the user Marc will be imported to the user group system team since it has higher priority ( 5).