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Enable and Disable DNS for server hostname while adding in servers and for control panel access

Server hostnames does not have DNS(Server hostname has no FQDN)? How to add the server with ip alone? How to disable DNS globally? How to enable dns resolution for control panel logins?


To set the default DNS setting globally, go to

Settings->General->Miscellaneous->Use DNS


DNS resolution can be disabled and a server can be added in using IP address alone. To do this, go to Servers -> Add Server -> Advanced -> Use DNS -> NO


If Use DNS is yes, Ezeelogin will try to resolve the server hostnames using DNS instead of taking the IP provided in Ezeelogin for SSH login to the server. This can be helpful when server IPs are changing often and the DNS is kept updated (In this case, the SSH login via Ezeelogin will work correctly even if the IP in Ezeelogin is incorrect). When you choose 'inherit' the default global values are used.


To set control panel DNS setting globally go to 

Settings -> General -> Miscellaneous -> CP Use  DNS.


To disable DNS for control panel for a server go to Servers -> Add Server -> Advanced-> CP Use Dns-> NO


To enable DNS for control panel for a server go to Servers -> Add Server -> Advanced -> CP Use Dns -> yes