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Webproxy, Webpanel, Webportal, Controlpanel

How to configure Web proxy, Web portals, Control Panel, Web panel through Ezeelogin?

What is Web proxy and How to configure Web proxy through Ezeelogin

Web proxy

Web proxy is a feature that lets you access external online portals via reverse proxy on the Ezeelogin server itself. If web proxy is enabled, the portal that you have added to the Ezeelogin can be accessed via Ezeelogin proxy 
Refer to the following article to use web portal proxy in Ezeelogin

What is Web portal and How to configure Web portal through Ezeelogin

Web portal 

Web portal manages logins to online web portals for one-click access. In order to access a web portal we need to provide Login URL,Host,Port,Request URI etc. In case of web portal we need to add details multiple times for different logins.

Web portal can also access  by enabling use proxy, This feature let you access the web portals via CSRF Tokens for authentication.


Refer the following article to add WebPortal for autologin in jump server.

What is Control Panel and How to configure Control Panel through Ezeelogin

Control Panel

Control Panel is a web-based interface that are used for server management. Examples of control panels are Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc. For adding a control panel  Request URI is enough. Control panel is needed to add once, also we can select the control panel at the time of adding or editing server, When we are accessing the control panel it uses the details of the server to which to which the control panel added.

Refer to the following article for adding a control panel.

Web panel

Webpanel is the same as the Ezeelogin GUI that you access from your browser.