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Webportals unavailable for user

Web Portals Unavailable for the User.

Overview: This article describes how to resolve issues of unavailable web portals by adjusting user privileges through specific settings in the administrative web panel of the system.

1. Go to the web panel and navigate to the tab Access-Control >> User-Actions >> <select user> >> Web Portals and enable it so that the Web Portals tab starts showing up for the users.

2. Then navigate to Access-Control >> User-Portal >> <select user> >>select portals >> save 


Access-Control >> User-PortalGroup >> <select user> >> select portal groups >> save

By following these structured steps, administrators can resolve issues where web portals are unavailable to users due to insufficient privileges. Ensuring correct configurations in the user actions and portal settings sections allows for smooth access and functionality within the system's web portals.

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