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Adding WebPortal or control panel or datacenter for autologin

How to add Web portal or Control Panel and Export/Import Web portals in Ezeelogin?

Control Panel
Control Panel is a web-based interface that is used for server management. Examples of control panels are Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin, etc. For adding a control panel  Request URI is enough. The control panel needs to be added once, also we can select the control panel at the time of adding or editing the server, When we are accessing the control panel it uses the details of the server to which the control panel is added.

You can add direct admin as ControlPanel.

Synopsis: This article provides step-by-step instructions for adding web portals or control panels for autologin, as well as exporting and importing web portals in Ezeelogin


1. How to add Web portal?

Step 1.a: Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Click on Web Portals tab -> Add new Web Portal.

Step 1.b: Paste the login URL and then click on Fetch details. The details of the web portal will automatically get fetched. Fill in the remaining fields like Extra Variables,Username and Password and click on save.

Step 1.c: If the details are not fetched automatically enter the details manually.  To get the details open login page of the web portal you are adding right-click on the page. From the menu, choose "Inspect". This will open the Chrome DevTools.

Step 1.d: Open Network tab in the Developer Tools

Step 1.e: Enter any random username and password in the respective form fields and click on Login.

Step 1.f: Wait till the process is complete (e.g. login failed message if you entered random username and password). 

Step 1.g: Select first one(index.php) in the name list and open Header tab.

Step 1.h: You can find the Request URL from the general section of ’’headers tab". It will contain the protocol (https or http), host name or IP, port (if not the default for protocol), followed by request URI

Step 1.i: Scroll the header or payload tab and you can find  username and password field names. Check the values of parameters for the random string you entered for username and password fields in the login form to identify the parameter names.

Step 1.j: The remaining parameters should go into the extra variables field (commit=Login)while adding web portal. If there are some random value parameters, they may be ignored. When there are more than two extra parameters, they can be added in extra variables but joining them with & like: param1=value1&param2=value2

NOTE It may not work in all cases such as when the login is javascript-based or when it uses certain dynamic security tokens.The screenshot below refers as an example to a JSON-based web portal.

Step 1.h: After saving try to login to the webportal.

2. How to add Control panel?

Step 2.a:  Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Settings ->  Control Panel. You can use the screenshot below as an example to add Control panel.

Step 2.b: Go to the Servers tab and select the control panel  from the drop-down menu.

Step 2.c : After saving try to login to control panel.

3. How to add Datacenter?

Step 3.a:  Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Settings ->  Data centers. Refer below screenshot as an example to add data centers.

Step 3.b: Go to the Servers tab and select the data center from the drop-down menu.

Step 3.c: After saving try to login to data center.

4. How to import Web Portals?

Step 4.a: To import a web portal into the Ezeelogin GUI, navigate to the Web Portals -> import tab 

Step 4.b:. Select the CSV file and click on "Upload". After uploading the file, an "Import" button will appear. Click on the "Import" button to proceed.

If you encounter the following error while importing a CSV file, ensure that the web portal group created in the Ezeelogin GUI matches the group to which the web portals belong.

5. How to export Web Portals?

Step 5.a: To Export the web portals click on Web Portals -> Export tab. 

Step 5.b: Web portals will be exported in CSV format and downloaded to the desktop.


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