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record rdp session

Record RDP sessions

Enable RDP Recording from Ezeelogin Gui > Settings > General  Settings > Security > RDP Recording

Click on the RDP Recording button on the left menu and you will be provided with an interface to view and search through all the RDP session recordings. Refer to the following article to set browser based rdp. Clicking on the view button under the Actions tab lets you view the RDP sessions recorded.

record rdp session

The recording can be viewed via a browser and  will open up as shown below. Press the space bar key on your keyboad to pause and play the recording.Press the number keys from 1 to 9( similar to 1x,2x....till 9x.Press 0 for 0.5x ) for varying the playback speeds.

rdp session recording

Q) Where are the RDP session recorded stored?


 Replace the username with your Ezeelogin gateway username.

Q)  What is the video format in which the RDP session recorded are stored?

  RDP Bitmap Delta Stream

Q)  Is it possible to play the RDP session recorded in external media players like VLC?

  It's not possible because it's not in any standard video format.