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Add custom fields on server add form

How to add custom fields on the server add form while adding a server?


1) Click on the settings -> server field -> add custom server field




2) You will able to view the custom field while adding the server by servers -> add server -> advanced  section



3) Make sure that to enable custom field by clicking on the account -> Show custom fields in Ezeelogin Shell ( ezsh )


 If the server field is not visible in the backend ezsh shell, ensure that "Show custom fields in Ezeelogin Shell" is enabled as shown above.

4) The user can see the password from backend.Put the cursor on the server you are trying to access and press tab[provides server information]

5) You can use the access control to grant the custom server field access to the other non admin users.

        Access control ->  UserGroup-Action -> Servers (View Server Details) & Settings


How to enable custom server field for all users in ezeelogin


  To enable custom server fields for all users, run the following command:

root@localhost:~  php /usr/local/ezlogin/ez_queryrunner.php "replace into prefix_preferences (user_id, name, value) select id, ’show_custom_fields_ezsh’ as name, ’Y’ as value from prefix_users"