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Role Based Access Control in SSH

What is RBAC and why RBAC is important?

RBAC or Role Based Access Control in SSH is a method to restrict the access of SSH users or server administrators to the remote servers based on their role. Most of the enterprises are having thousands of servers. Granting SSH access to employees is a big headache or security concern for the companies. Using Role based access control, we can ensure that ssh users or system administrators are using only the relevant information they needs to perform their task. We can restrict their access to only a particular group of servers and also can control their actions on those servers too.

How to configure role based access control ?

To achieve this, we can group the servers and SSH users into different categories based on our requirement and can decide which user or user group can get access to which server group. Ezeelogin has the feature RBAC. Using this, you can configure role based access control in ssh.

Tutorial for configuring rbac in SSH using ezeelogin jump server

    Different ways to achieve rbac in ssh :

  •  Restrict user actions in server
  •  Map ssh user to a particular server
  •  Map ssh user to group of servers
  •  Map ssh user group to single server
  • Map ssh user group to group of servers etc

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