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View Remote Server Password.

How to view the remote server password from the ezeelogin jump server?

Click to learn: How to add a server 

Note: To view the remote server password in the GUI you need to enable 2FA and access the GUI via HTTPS.


      (1) To view the password of the remote server from ezeelogin GUI

After adding a server you need to click on the '+' icon to view the remote server password from Ezeelogin GUI.

         (2) To view the remote server password from the web ezlogin shell / Backend / Terminal.

Either click on the web ssh console from ezlogin GUI or login to ezeelogin from any terminal ( Ex: ssh ez[email protected] )

Select your server from the list of server groups that you have added. Then click on the 'Tab' button for which you can see the following details with a password of the selected server.

          (3) To view the password after logging into the remote server from ezlogin.

You can enter one of the internal commands which are ezinfo after logging into any remote server from the ezlogin gateway machine.

To know more about Internal commands

In case of an error: Internal command not displaying server details

In case of an errorezinfo command not working for a user being in the admin group

Disable view password: The user is not able to view the password