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Include a single server in two distinct groups

How can you include a single server in two distinct groups

You can include the same server for 2 users using the following steps. Here you'll be creating 2 distinct user groups for 2 users or continuing with an existing one for instance. Next, generate a shared server group responsible for overseeing both users and grant both users permission to access this shared server.

Step 1. Create two user groups ( Under Users tab > User Groups > Click on  icon) for two distinct teams for instance Developer and Tester.

( Refer: How to create user group )

Step 2. Include those two users in the corresponding distinct user group

Step 3. Create a Common Super Group for two distinct teams.

( Refer to manual: What is Super Group )

Step 4. Create a common server group or two distinct teams.

( Refer. How to add a server group )

Step 5. Manage the supergroup members from the server group.

Step 6. Provide permission access to two user group members to server groups.

Step 7. Now, the corresponding users Evan & Mila can log in to the common server.