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Super Groups

A supergroup is only a logical grouping of server groups, in other words, it is a group of Server groups. A supergroup is listed just like a usual server group in the Ezeelogin shell and will contain all the accessible servers in its member groups. 


(1) How to add a SuperGroup from GUI

  • To add a new supergroup, click the Add button on the right menu.

(2) The supergroup names and descriptions will be listed. Click on the column name to sort the list accordingly.

  • To edit a supergroup, use the edit icon.
  • To edit/view/add members in the supergroup use the view members icon.
  • To delete a Supergroup, use the delete icon.

(3) Managing supergroup members.

To list servers in a server group, Click on the member's icon. The table on the left shows the current members in the supergroup and the table on the right shows the non-members that can be added to the supergroup. Click on the --button to remove and the button to add a member.

(3) View the SuperGroups from Ezeelogin Shell.

NOTE: While Logging the server from the backend you will find a comprehensive list of all the servers included within it.

If there is a single server that requires access for both testing and development teams, you should establish two groups and grant server access based on the respective group memberships.