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Network ports to be opened in firewall

Network ports essential for Ezeelogin functionality

This article outlines the  specific network ports that need to be  opened on Ezeelogin SSH Jump server.  

Enable ports on jumpserver


Required ports to be opened for both inbound and outbound traffic are:

Inbound ports :-

            http: 80, https: 443 , SSH: 22

Outbound ports :-

            SSH: 22 , 443 and host 443

Note: All ports are customizable according to the requirement.

Step 1. Ensure that inbound ports for webserver and sshd service (Default ports - http: 80, https: 443, SSH : 22) are opened on the gateway server (

 netstat -tnlp | grep ’apache2\|httpd\|sshd’

Step 2. In your gateway server, allow outbound traffic on the port 443 to and to fetch the license.

Step 3: Allow both inbound and outbound traffic to your remote server on port 22.


Additional Ports for Various Ezeelogin Features

  1. webssh : 52222
  2. webproxy : 52666
  3. rdpproxy : 22555


  1. Configure custom SSH port in ezeelogin.