Upgrade Ezeelogin Jump server to the latest version

Upgrade Ezeelogin jump server on Primary / Master Node

If you are running Version 5.x.x, you would first need to upgrade to Version 6.0.x before upgrading to Version 7.0.x.

  • To upgrade to Version 6.0.x, download 6.0.0 and upgrade to Version 6.0.0 first.
  • To upgrade to Version 7.0.x, download 7.0.x and upgrade

If you are already running Version 6.x.x, you would first need to upgrade to Version 7.0.x before upgrading to Version 7.1.6 

  • To upgrade to Version 7.0.x, download 
  •   Once you have upgraded to Version 7.0.0, download version 7.1.6 or latest from the portal on to your gateway server.

If you are already running Version 7.x.x ,you can upgrade to latest Version 


Check out the latest system requirements

You are required to upgrade your Ioncube encoder to the latest version 6 and above. Refer the following article to upgrade Ioncube to the latest.

It is recommended to have the secondary node configured and synchronized (cluster setup) to ensure that we can still login to servers via the secondary node and not locked out in the event of an unsuccessful upgrade.


Backup existing jump server installation 

Execute the following script on your server to generate a backup of your installation so that you can restore the backup in case the upgrade breaks.Run /usr/local/sbin/backup_ezlogin.php -help for help menu. 

[email protected]:~$/usr/local/sbin/backup_ezlogin.php

This would create a executable archive of your ezeelogin installation in /var/ezlogin_backup_v6.2.0_b167_Fri_Mar_02_2012_04_23_22_CST.bin

Execute the backup bin file to restore if something goes wrong and you would like to revert. 

Ok, now that we have the backups ready, let go ahead with the update on the primary node as follows, preferably in screen

Upgrading Ezeelogin jump server 

 To upgrade ezeelogin, download and run the ezeelogin setup file as follows

Refer the article if you are upgrading PHP.  Upgrading PHP along with Ezeelogin upgrade
Refer the article if you get the error ERROR db user: Incorrect datetime value: ’0000-00-00 00:00:00’ for column ’expiry’ at row 1

[email protected]:~$ sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -update

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the upgrade.

If you want to do the upgrade in one step with your existing settings and without being prompted.

sh ezlogin_7.15.0._x_x.bin --  -skipgeolite    -auto -force   -ACCEPT_SETTINGS    -I_ACCEPT_EULA   -update

Login into the GUI, ezsh shell and remote servers to ensure that primary node has been upgraded successfully.

Refer ezsh shell disallowed article if you get the error on ssh to the upgraded ssh jump server. 


Restoring Ezeelogin jump server from backup 

If something is broken after the upgrade, no worries. We will restore the backup from the archive that was created. You would first need to uninstall the current installation on the gateway. Run the following script to uninstall


[email protected]:~$ /usr/local/sbin/uninstall_ezlogin.php

Now that we have uninstalled, we can go ahead restore the binary backup archive that was created.

sh /var/ezlogin_backup_v7.0.0_b167_Fri_Mar_02_2012_04_23_22_CST.bin

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the restoration.

Upgrading Ezeelogin jump server on the Secondary Node

Unfortunately, the secondary nodes needs to be re-installed and we are working toward a seamless secondary upgrade as well. 

On the secondary node do the following to set it up again.

  • Uninstall ezeelogin with following command

    [email protected]:~$ /usr/local/sbin/uninstall_ezlogin.php

  • Download the same package used for the primary

    wget https://downloads.ezeelogin.com/ezlogin_7.x.x.bin


  • Execute the following command

    sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -secondary <ip_adress of the secondary/slave node> -othernode <ip_address of master node>


Refer the following article to setup secondary node.


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