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Ezsh shell disallowed

ssh gateway  users are getting the error "Ezsh shell disallowed" while trying to access the backend via ssh.

ssh [email protected]

[email protected]’s password:

Last login: Tue May  7 06:04:37 2019 from


Ezsh shell disallowed.

Connection to closed.

The ssh gateway user needs to be explicitly given access to the ezsh shell in access control. As you can see below the user zan is granted access to ezsh shell under Access Control -> User-Action->Gateway->Ezsh Shell or under User-Group ->Action->Gateway->Ezsh Shell . 
Note that the gateway user needs be the super admin user or a privileged user that has access to  Access Control-> User-Action->Gateway->Ezsh shell


 If you want to allow ezsh shell for all users run the following command on jumpserver

root@jumpserver:~# php /usr/local/ezlogin/ez_queryrunner.php "replace into prefix_usergroup_func_acls (usergroup_id, func_id) select id, 253 from prefix_usergroups"