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Install and Setup Active Directory

How to install and setup active directory?

Pre-requisites : Windows server 2012/ 2016 / 2019
1. From the Server Manager Dashboard, click on Add roles and features.


2. Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.


3. Select the server by highlighting the row and select Next.


4. Select Active Directory Domain Services and then select Next.


5. Click Add Features.


6. You shouldn’t have to select anything at the Select Features, so just select Next.


7. Click Next in the AD DS section.


8. On the confirmation window, review everything and then click Install.

  • The installation will begin.
  • When the installation is complete, you need to now promote the server to a domain controller.
  • Click Promote this server to a domain controller (small hyperlink in the results window)


9. Select Add a new forest, type in a domain name that you want to use (pro-tip: use something like, then click Next.

10. Type in a password you want to use for DSRM, then click Next.

11. Click Next on the DNS Options page.

12. Click Next on the Additional Options page.

13. Click Next on the Paths sections.

14. Click Next on the Review Options screen, then click Install on the prerequisites check page.

  • The installation (promotion process) will begin. The server will reboot during this process.
  • When the installation is complete, log back in (this time you will be logging into the server with domain credentials)
15. From Server Manager, click Tools then Active Directory Administrative Center

16. There you can add new AD Users, Organizational Unit and Groups

17. You will be able to find the DN of the Organizational unit by clicking on the title bar

18. You can find the DN of a user by Right button click on a User > Properties >Extensions > Attribute Editor


Refer article to configure Ezeelogin to authenticate using Active Directory in Ubuntu.

Refer article to configure Ezeelogin to authenticate using Active Directory in CentOS.