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Integrate Azure AD in Ezeelogin jump server

How to Integrate Azure Active Directory Domain Service in Ezeelogin jump server with LDAPS


Refer to the article to Enable LDAPS on Azure AD and integrate it into your application

1  .  Login to Ezeelogin Web-GUI > open settings > Ldap

   Add the details of LDAP configurations  as follows 




2. Go to  Settings > General Authentication > change Web Panel Authentication to LDAP
3.  Open Settings > General settings > Security > Check Auto Create User
4. Select the LDAP users and click on the button to import users into Ezeelogin  

     You can confirm the imported LDAP users were listed in the Users tab in Ezeelogin GUI.  You will be able to log in to Ezeelogin GUI with Azure AD user credentials.

After importing the users to Ezeelogin, log in with the user and set up the security code for the user under Account > Password > New Security Code.

4. Enable Security Code LDAP option from Settings > General > Authentication, if the user does not want to login to Ezeelogin GUI to set up a security code.