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cron for changing root passwords on servers periodically

What is the cronjob for resetting root password on servers periodically?

1. In Ezeelogin V6.x or 7.x.
The file /var/spool/cron/<admin_user> on your Ezeelogin gateway should have the following contents.

1 1 * * 0 php /usr/local/ezlogin/mass_passwd_reset.php

2. In order to automatically reset the password on all servers, you should also enable "Automated Password Change".

Navigate to Settings - > Security - > Automated Password Change.

How to view the updated password of the server from Ezeelogin GUI and shell (ezsh)?

Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Servers -> + icon to view the server details.

Login to Ezeelogin shell (ezsh) -> navigate to any server using up and down arrow keys -> click on the Tab button to view server details.

How to reset the password of the remote server manually?

Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> select the servers -> click on the arrow button on the top-right corner -> Reset password on selected servers.

How to reset passwords on all servers?

Make sure to keep the password management "Automatic" on all servers. Click on Reset password on all servers to reset passwords on servers.


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