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How to add ssh public key for passwordless authentication in ssh

SSH Gateway users can set add their ssh public keys for passwordless authentication to login into the ezsh shell ( ezeelogin backend shell).  Press the F2 key in the ezeelogin shell to enter your public keys for ssh authorized keys-based authentication so that user's password will not be prompted again.

1) Login to the Ezeelogin  backend interface ( ezsh shell ) after giving the password and 2FA
2) Press "F2" or "#"
3) Paste the public key of the user.
4) Press enter.

gateway user ssh public key for passwordless authentication


You can also add more than one key in /home/ezeeloginuser/.ssh/authorized_keys .

The public key you are adding to the ezeelogin master node will not be synced/copied to the slave/secondary node. You should need to copy the public key from the master node to the slave node and vice versa.

Also as an alternative way,
a. Create an authorized_keys file and paste your public key inside it.
b. After transferring the public keys into the authorized_keys file, Follow the below steps;-

root@gateway ~]#  sftp ezeeloginuser@gatewayip

c. Enter the password of the Ezeelogin user when prompted.

sftp> cd .ssh/
sftp> put authorized_keys