How to add ssh public key for passwordless authentication in ssh

SSH Gateway users can set add their ssh public  keys for passwordless authentication to login into ezsh shell ( ezeelogin backend shell).  Press the F2 key in ezeelogin shell to enter your public keys for ssh authorized keys based authentication so that users password will not be prompted again.

1) Login to Ezeelogin  backend interface ( ezsh shell ) after giving password and 2FA
2) Press "F2" or "#"
3) Paste the public key of user.
4) Press enter.

gateway user ssh public key for passwordless authentication


You can also add more than one key in /home/ezeeloginuser/.ssh/authorized_keys .

The public key  you are adding to ezeelogin master node will not be synced/copied to slave/secondary node. You should need to copy the public key to from master node to slavenode and viceversa.


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