How to find a server by its hostname, ip address, very quickly in ezsh shell

You can find a server by its hostname, ip address or description very  quickly in ezsh shell.

To ensure that only the servers hostname matching the strings typed in are displayed,  choose the menu search mode (Normal , Name , IPDescription)  by repeatedly pressing f10 or , and then start typing in strings to be searched for.

In the example below to find the all servers hostnames with the string 'noc' in it, enter the All server group menu to list all servers,  then press f10 or ,  to toggle between different search modes. Select the  Name based search and type in 'noc', and all the server hostname that has the string 'noc' alone would be displayed. This would help you locate and ssh into servers very quickly.

normal search mode


The Name based search mode would look as follows.



The IP based search mode would look as follows. 


 To switch search modes, make sure you are on the SERVERS  menu, then press f10 or ,  to switch  from Normal -> Name- > IP -> Machine ID -> Description based searches




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