Will Ezeelogin work behind a firewall or NAT or behind a Proxy?

Yes, Ezeelogin would work behind a firewall , NAT or a proxy. It would need to establish a connection to license.ezeelogin.com on port 443 to fetch the license.

wget -qO- http://ezeelogin.com/myip

Run the command  on the ssh gateway server and it would show the ip for which the license has to be issued if your ssh gateway is behind a NAT.

If you are behind a proxy, you can specify the proxy host details as parameter to the install script

sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -help

-proxy_host <host> :Proxy host for connecting to the ezeelogin license server
-proxy_port <port> Proxy port for connecting to the ezeelogin license server
-proxy_user <username> :Proxy username for connecting to the ezeelogin license server
-proxy_pass <password> :Proxy pass for connecting to the license server


sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -proxy_host -proxy_port 8080


In the web panel, you can specify the proxy host details under the following tab.

       Settings -> General -> Miscellaneous (Tab) 

       Enter Proxy host, username, port, password


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