How can i disable MySQL strict mode ?

MySQL strict mode is enabled by default. You can disable it by couple of ways.


1. To Disable Strict Mode via SQL :

      You can disable strict mode on your MySQL server by running the following command on your Linode’s command line :

mysql -u root -p -e "SET GLOBAL sql_mode = ’NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION’;"

You can set other values for sql_mode as well. See  sysvar sql_mode in the MySQL Documentation for a list.

      Then, you can verify that the mode is set by running the following :

mysql -u root -p -e "SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode;"

2. Disable Strict Mode via my.cnf:
    Disable it by setting your own SQL_MODE in the my.cnf file, then restart MySQL.
The my.cnf file can be found in one of a few locations (depending on which distribution you’re using). The most common locations are /etc/my.cnf and /etc/mysql/my.cnf.
Inside my.cnf, look for a heading like [mysqld] and then look for the value of sql_mode. It might look like this (the actual value of sql_mode may vary):


You can change the value of sql_mode to NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION to completely disable strict mode, but you may want to look up each mode that is configured before disabling it.
If sql_mode isn't set, you can add it under the [mysqld] heading, then save the file, and restart MySQL.

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