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Different key based authentication to remote server

Different key based authentication methods explained for SSH to remote servers

Overview:The article explains different key-based authentication methods for SSH to remote servers using Ezeelogin, including using global/public keys, private keys, key management, changing the default global key, and adding custom key pairs during installation.

Ezeelogin global or public key

 step1How to use a private/public key pair to be used as the Global Public key which would be copied over to all remote servers?

 step 1.a: Login to Ezeelogin software GUI -> copy the Global key. Refer below screenshot.

step1.b: Login to the Ezeelogin shell (ezsh) and keep the selector on all servers and press ' F7 ' or ' ' to get into the parallel shell

step 1.c: Paste the global key on server using parallel shell feature and wait for it to complete the execution on all remote servers.

echo 'paste_global_key_here' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

SSH Private key 

step 2. User can add a remote server with any private key. Keep the public key under authorized_keys of the user to work key based-authentication.

 Key management or saved key 

step 3. User can add a remote server with the private key with the key management. Save the private keys and use them while adding the servers.

step 3.a: Refer below screenshot to add private keys in key management.

step 3.b: Add a remote server with the key saved in the key management tab. Refer below screenshot.

How to change the default Global Key (public key) ( Servers -> Global Key ( SSH public Key) ) being used in Ezeelogin by default to log on to servers added in using the default key?

This feature is available only in Ezeelogin Version 7.3.6 and above.

Change the existing key pair used in Ezeelogin. 

Can a user use custom private and public keys in Ezeelogin?

User can add a custom key pair during installation only.  It cannot be changed to a custom key pair after installation.

You would need to generate your own 4096-bit RSA Keys using ssh-keygen

ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -P <enter-strong-pass> -f /root/test-pvt-key

       Generating public/private rsa key pair.
       Your identification has been saved in /root/test-pvt-key.
       Your public key has been saved in /root/ .

Run the Ezeelogin installation package with the following option.

      sh ezlogin_7.1.6.bin -- -help

      -sshkey : Specify the path of SSH private key to be used. Default: generates new key
      -sshkeypass : Specify the password (if any) for SSH private key. Default: no password

sh ezlogin_7.1.6.bin -- -sshkey /root/test-pvt-key -sshkeypass ads*9s798js0sdf9#$2!sdr@@

Complete the installation. The custom public key would be used when new servers are added in and would be visible under Servers -> Global Key

 The private key cannot be decrypted. To get the private key, a new global key pair has to be generated.

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