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How to Add /Edit License in the new Ezeelogin customer portal?


How to add the license to the new customer portal?

1.  Login into the customer portal area customer login area and click on the Licenses tab on the left menu.


2. On the License, tab click on the Add button on the right side of the customer portal.


3.  Enter the number of servers, select the billing cycle, enter the IP address for which you have to issue the license, and then click on Buy.

Note: Associating a single license with multiple IP addresses is not permitted. However, in cases where high availability is required, we offer a secondary license that can be associated with an additional IP address, providing nearly identical features.

 4.  Enter the Card number, expiry, name & CVC, and process the payment to issue the license.

Edit the License

  1. Click on the License Tab and then click on the Edit button on the Right side of the customer portal and click on update button

You can upgrade or downgrade  the number of servers, change the billing cycle or change the IP address  by clicking the Edit button on the right side of the customer portal