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Jump server user password expired

Gateway SSH User password expired 

If you are getting the below message when logging into the GUI, then it’s time for you to reset the password for the ssh gateway user and go ahead with the  login. This is a security feature as it is recommended to change the password after a preset duration of time.

However, if you are unable to reset the password or is unable to login to the GUI, do continue reading on how to disable this from the database.

password expired


The duration ( in days) after which a password should expired is set under " User password Lifetime" 



If for some reason, the user is unable to login, then you can disable the  "User Password Lifetime" from the database as follows. The value of 90, means that the users password would expire after 90 days and the user would be forced to change the password.

 MariaDB [ezlogin_avmzfj]>  update nfo_settings set value=1 where id=86;

| id | name       | value | mtime               |
| 86 | pwexp_days | 90     | 2020-11-29 21:51:32 |
MariaDB [ezlogin_avmzfj]> select * from nfo_settings where id=86;


| id | name       | value | mtime               |


| 86 | pwexp_days | 0     | 2020-12-18 14:19:01 |


1 row in set (0.001 sec) 

Method 2) Modify the gateway user timestamp in the database so that user password does not expire and is still valid.

  • Get the current timestamp from db and update the gateway users time stamp field so that the user password expiry time is reset.

    [[email protected] ~]# date +%s


    MariaDB [ezlogin_avmzfj]> update nfo_users set  lpwc_ts = 1608282636  where id=1;;

    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.001 sec)

    Rows matched: 1  Changed: 1  Warnings: 0