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User add failed

1. User add in your Ezeelogin Web panel prompted with the following error:

  "User add failed.  sh: /usr/local/ezlogin/ezcltool: Permission denied"

  Check whether you have enabled SELinux on your server. You can check this by executing the following command.

root@gateway ~]# sestatus
SELinux status: disabled

  Solution 1 :

  Disabling SELinux will fix the issue.

  Solution 2 : 

  Ensure that the permission of file and folder is correct.

root@gateway ~]# chmod 755 /usr/local/ezlogin/ezcltool

root@gateway ~]# chmod 751 /usr/local/ezlogin

root@gateway ~]# chmod 751 /usr/local

root@gateway ~]# chmod 751 /usr

Ensure that you have set these correctly in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

root@gateway ~]# vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config

#SSHD Global Settings
AllowTcpForwarding no
PubkeyAuthentication yes
PasswordAuthentication yes
#SSHD localhost settings.
Match Address
PermitRootLogin yes
PubkeyAuthentication yes

2. Message: Cannot add user on this node: Authentication by ssh key failed

   Run this command :

root@gateway ~]#  cat /usr/local/etc/ezlogin/ >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

3. Error:- User delete failed Cannot delete user on this node: Authentication by ssh key failed

    Solution : 

  • Make sure you are able to SSH to localhost as root on the Ezeelogin installed SSH gateway server, Gateway SSH port is set correctly in general settings and that firewall allows connections to ssh port of the servers being added to Ezeelogin.

user@server ~]# ssh root@gateway_ip

  • If you are using a very old version of Ezeelogin, please upgrade to the new version and try again.


4. Error: User add failed. Cannot add user on this node: FAILED: to establish SSH session

    Solution : 

  • Make sure iptables / firewall is not blocking ssh traffic and make sure SSHD is not blocked in /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny

  • If you are using a custom SSHD port in your gateway, then make sure it’s updated under Settings->Miscellaneous->SSH Gateway Port is set to the current SSHD listening port on the ssh gateway server.

    gateway ssh port