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Switching node states in Ezeelogin Cluster

How to switch the node state from slave to master in the Ezeelogin cluster?

In the event when the Master node state has changed to the slave state, you would like to revert it to how it was originally since the master node is back online.

1. Login into the GUI of the current slave node -> click on Cluster -> Verify database to ensure that databases are in sync before switching nodes roles.

2. Once the databases are in sync (identical) after verifying the database, click on "Cluster" -> "Make master" on the current slave node.

 3. Refresh the browser tab to view the updated node state. Refer below screenshot


1. Can we disable the slave server since we are currently using only the master node? 

Certainly, the choice to disable the slave server is yours, but keep a note that data synchronization between the master and slave servers will not occur if the slave is disabled. It is recommended to keep both servers running and synchronized for real-time data updates, as changes made to the master server will automatically sync with the slave server.