Install slave / secondary node for high availability in jump server

How do I Install slave/secondary node for high availability in Ezeelogin jump server?

  • Make sure that the slave ip is licensed.
  • Make sure that mysql server is running on the slave. Also make sure that mysql listening on public ip on master and slave node.
  • Make sure the firewall on master does not block mysql and ssh connections initiated from the slave.
  • On the slave node, download the same binary package that was used on primary. This is to ensure that the master and the slave node uses the same version of Ezeelogin for the cluster to work.

The slave node acts as the failover in case the primary goes down. Its always recommended to setup the slave node so that server are accessible at all times just in case the primary nodes is accessible due to hardware or network failures.

1. Login into your customer portal area

2. Go to License tab,

    On Old customer portal .    : select your primary license, click on theBuy Cluster link on the right

    On New customer portal .  : Edit the license and add Secondary IP address

3. Issue the slave/secondary license for the IP of the slave server.

4. Download the same version of Ezeelogin in the slave / secondary server.


5. Execute the following command on primary server to grant access to ezeelogin database from secondary/slave node

php /usr/local/ezlogin/grant_host.php  <ip_address of secondary node/slave>

6. Execute the following command on slave/secondary node 

sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -secondary <ip_address of secondary/slave node> -othernode <ip_address of master node>

Refer the URL

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