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Add a Linux server or a Linux instance into the Ezeelogin ssh jumphost?

  1. If there are no server groups, do create a server group


  2. Click on the Servers  and then click on Add server on the right.
    add-server-ssh jumphost

  3. Fill in the server details of the server to be added
    ssh gateway add server form

  4. Once this is done, you will be able to view the server added in.

    ssh jumphost- server added

Refer to the article to add a server using ssh keys:


  1. To access the servers via backend, simply ssh to gateway ip  using ssh client  such as Putty, Konsole, Terminal Xterm, as follows

    ssh -p <portnumber <admin_user>@<gateway-ip> 

    ssh jump server interface

    or click on the 'Open Web SSH Console' icon to ssh via browser. Refer the following article to setup browser based SSH

    web ssh shell

  2. The ssh browser terminal would be opened as shown.
    ssh via browser