Migrate jump server installation from one server to another

How do i migrate Ezeelogin jump server installation from one server to another ?


The directory /var/log/ezlogin stores the user ssh sessions  that is recorded. This directory could run into huge size ( 1GB >) which would cause the backup script to take long to complete ( The log directory has to be tar'ed and then gzip'ed compressed which is time consuming and resource intensive).  In such, cases its advisable to skip the log directory while running the backup script as follows.

[root@jumpserver ~]#    /usr/local/sbin/backup_ezlogin.php -nologs

After restoring backup, copy or rsync /var/log/ezlogin directory to the new server.

1. Run the script /usr/local/sbin/backup_ezlogin.php on the current server to create the backup archive.
     The backup archive would be created in /var/ezlogin.xx.bin

2. Make sure that ezeelogin licensed ip is changed to new ip from the customer portal.

3. Make sure that the new server has all the necessary software such as php, webserver, php modules, ioncube installed.

4.Move the executable ezlogin.xx.bin archive to the new server, and execute the .bin file.

sh ezlogin.xx.bin

Follow the on screen instructions.

The license would continue working on the old server for 5 days.

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