How to ssh to remote server with the same username with which i logged in ezeelogin ssh gateway?

Pass user through - Enable this so that the user would ssh into the remote server with the same username as on the ssh gateway server.

For eg :  ssh gateway/ezeelogin user 'Ted' would be logged in as user 'Ted' on remote server as well.

A user by the same name as the ssh gateway user should exist on the remote servers  for the  'Pass user through' feature to work. If you want the remote ssh users to be managed automatically, then use the sub ssh user feature.

 *  You can enable this option from Users > ADD/EDIT  > Pass User Through > yes



  *  You can add  SSH private key  and passphrase or it will ssh to the remote server with the same password of ezeelogin gateway user. 

* Also you can copy the SSH Global Public Key and update it on the file /home/{username}/.ssh/authorized_keys file so that you do not have to enter the user's password or add an extra key. 








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