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Could not download binary package. Please manually download it from

Manually Installing Ezeelogin with Binary Package

Overview: This article describes how to manually download and install Ezeelogin using a binary package, providing steps to resolve the issue of not being able to download the package directly.

Step 1. Manually download the binary package file from  as follows.

Step 2. After downloading the above package, you can install Ezeelogin using the following command.

sh ezlogin_7.x.x_phpxx.bin -- -usebin /root/ezlogin_7.x.x_bins_Linux.tar.bz2

Note: Make sure to give the complete or actual path of the binary package file.

(In the above command /root/ezlogin_7.x.x_bins_Linux.tar.bz2 is the complete path file of the binary package)

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