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Ezeelogin GUI loading slow

How to disconnect/remove the cluster from Ezeelogin GUI?

Refer below screenshot to disconnect/remove the slave from Ezeelogin GUI.

The slowness of GUI loading may be due to one node not being able to communicate with the other node. The slowness can be fixed by disconnecting the slave node.

Login to Ezeelogin GUI -> Cluster -> click on the Disconnect/Remove button to disconnect or remove the slave node.

The slave node can be installed again if the user wants to re-configure the slave. Refer below article to configure the cluster.

How to configure the cluster in Ezeelogin?

If a user cannot disconnect the slave from Ezeelogin GUI, run the below command on the current master node to disconnect from the backend.

[email protected]_master_node :~# php /usr/local/ezlogin/ez_queryrunner.php "update prefix_settings set value='N' where name='connected'"


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