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How to restore primary using slave node?

Restore primary using slave node

1) Login to the slave node (secondary node)

2) Promote the secondary as Master node by clicking

     Web Panel -> Cluster -> "Make Master" (Ref:



3) Then remove the other node by

     Web Panel -> Cluster -> "Remove" button for "Other Node"


If you are unable to Remove, you can skip(3rd step) this step.

4) Install the same version of Ezeelogin on the new primary server

    Download the same version of Ezeelogin package.


If the IP Address is different from old primary, migrate the license to new IP from Ezeelogin customer portal .It may display a warning message that the secondary node is having a primary license while installation, you can ignore the message.

 5) Execute the following command on primary server(current master) to grant access to ezeelogin database from secondary/slave node

php /usr/local/ezlogin/grant_host.php  <ip_address of secondary node/slave>


6)  Execute the following command

sh ezlogin_7.x.x.bin -- -secondary <ip_address of secondary/slave node> -othernode <ip_address of master node>


 7) Login into the web gui of the current secondary and click on the cluster tab and click make master, so that it becomes master again.