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ERROR: User has not set a security code ldap sasl binds : Cannot contact LDAP server

How to solve ERROR: User has not set a security code

ldap_sasl_bind_s (-1): Can't contact LDAP server

If you get this error create a softlink to the system ssl directory which can be found by executing the following command on the server. 

[root@gateway ~]# openssl version -d

OPENSSLDIR: "/etc/pki/tls"

Once you get the path to the ssl dir, run the below command

[root@gateway ~]# ln -s path/to/ssl/dir /usr/local/ssl

for example:

[root@gateway ~]# ln -s /etc/pki/tls /usr/local/ssl


For Ezeelogin version 7.27.6 You can enable skip LDAP user verification under Settings -> General ->Two factor Authentication ->skip ldap user verification which will skip LDAP user verification in Ezeelogin shell(Ezsh) and disable the Security code ldap under Settings -> General -> Authentication -> Security code ldap . Refer below screenshots.

If you are on a lower version of Ezeelogin refer the following article to upgrade  to the latest version